Download Armchair Commander MOD APK v2.21 [] for Android

Download Armchair Commander MOD APK v2.21 [] for Android


Name Armchair Commander
Category Strategy
Size 73.9MB
Popularity 1984
Publisher Zack Sima
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/05/2022
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Mod Info:

Armchair Commander

Armchair Commander Game Introduction :

Relive history! Play or create your own missions in World War 2 and all the way through the Cold War. Learn to master the skill of the commander and conquer every enemy!

Wargame & Turn-based Simulation

From the Battle of Stalingrad to the Normandy landings, it’s got the vast majority of WW2 covered. Play as the Soviet Union, Republic of China, United States, Great Britain, or any of the near 100 countries with more to come! Attack enemy strongholds and defend your cities with 20+ land, naval, and air units. Even same units have special functionalities depending on the country\’s faction!

Campaigns & Conquests

There are currently about 30 or so missions and conquest maps. The missions can be played through the story line, and the conquests (you get to choose your country) feature 1939-1943 Europe and 1937-1941 Asia. All the campaign maps can be downloaded and modified at your own will, as seen in the following section…

Sandbox & Custom Maps

Like I said, you can create your own maps… you can even upload them for the world to see! The map editor is readily available for use inside the base game. Every aspect of a mission is customizable: a country’s alliance, resources, cities, airports, troops, veterency, troop attack distance, winning conditions, and even which troops have generals can be customized.

Simulated Politics

From custom events to war declarations, this recent addition allows dynamic games of multiple alliances and betrayals; custom events can also be made to reflect historical events with different types of consequences (changes to resources, alliances, unit experience). Aid can also be given to allies like Lend Lease in the real WW2.

Historical Generals

Hundreds of generals – with more coming by each update – from various countries around the world. Generals are not tied to specific units; they can be sacked from a unit on the spot and be replaced at any time. A general can also command multiple units based on their command size.

About Me

I’m an indie student developer, so this app is very flexible in terms of update content. Please feel free to contact me if you want to make suggestions or collaborate to make the game better.

Game Engine: Unity3d (c# + python)

Armchair Commander Game screenshot :