Download BigHaat Smart Farming App mod apk v5.7.72 for Android

Download BigHaat Smart Farming App mod apk v5.7.72 for Android


Name BigHaat Smart Farming App
Category Education
Size 32.7MB
Popularity 7118
Publisher BigHaat
Score 6.0
Publish Date 26/11/2022
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BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App Game Introduction :

BigHaat is the largest Agriculture Digital Platform for Farmers in India. Combining years of experience in agriculture with the power of data, science, and technology, BigHaat\’s Farmer Centric Platform is empowering the farmers to acquire the right knowledge about crops, get timely and vital advice, shop for a wide range of Agri products (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and instruments) and connect with strong farmer communities.

Our app is India’s one of the best agriculture Apps for the Year 2020. It is extraordinarily made for Indian ranchers to help them settle on basic choices in their cultivating business to build benefit. It tackles best-in-class innovations like global situating, satellite symbolism, enormous information investigation, AI, and picture examination to usher the ranchers into the time of computerized cultivating.

Our vision of \”Transforming the Future of Farmers\” is translating into making farmers sustainable and profitable.

We are offering the platform in English and Indian regional languages- Hindi and Telugu. We will be extending to other languages as well.

BigHaat enables farmers to add crop details to the platform and gets access to seed to harvest personalized crop advisory, which helps farmers to reduce the cost of cultivation and increase yield, productivity, and crop quality. We are building strong farmer communities and helping to democratize the knowledge among farmer communities.

We are offering an instant diagnosis of diseased plants to farmers by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, which help farmers with the solution to manage the problem instantly and effectively through our \”Crop Doctor\”.

Our BigHaat Agriculture App Provides The Following Features To The Farmers

Crop Advisory For Agriculture

➥ Farmers can choose their crops and get personalized scientific and technical advice for different crop stages from sowing to harvesting. It covers the complete details of more than 30 crops with a package of practices, crop guide, and pest guide, giving farmers complete knowledge about their crops and problems associated with them, and all of this is in vernacular languages making the content more farmer-friendly.

Kisan Vedika For Farmers

➥ A vernacular-based social media community channel for farmers to connect with a large number of farmers and agriculture experts to share and learn knowledge It is India’s first online farmers\’ community where farmers can ask crop-related questions and can get instant solutions in their languages. You can become part of a great community of supportive farmers and agriculture experts.

Crop Doctor

➥ Diagnose the crop problem by just clicking an image of your crop and with the help of AI/ML and neural networks get instant information about the issue and the scientific and relevant solution.

Agri Store

➥ Farmers get access to 5000+ high-quality 100% genuine agricultural products. Farmers get doorstep delivery of the products ordered on our mobile application.

Weather Forecast

➥ Personalized weather forecasting, know the weather as per your crop selection, and schedule your agricultural activities(sowing, weeding, spraying & harvesting) according to the weather.

BigHaat Smart Farming App Game screenshot :

BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App

BigHaat Smart Farming App (32.7MB)

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