Download Biphase v51.0 for Android

Download Biphase v51.0 for Android


Name Biphase
Category Casual
Size 144.8MB
Popularity 7374
Publisher Seasun Game Corporation limited
Score 6.0
Publish Date 29/11/2021
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Biphase Game Introduction :

Game Genre: Biphase, developed by several college students from different universities, is a 2D platform jumping game with exploration and puzzles as its core.

Our Message: We hope that the game can show the plight of some bipolar patients in a realistic and in-depth way by depicting an \”individual\” in a group, in addition to popularizing the phenomenon related to the disease. We are trying to trigger the public\’s empathy through the individual\’s narrative, and call on the public to adopt a more understanding and tolerant attitude towards patients with bipolar disorder.

Abstract Narration: The narration part of this game was based on real cases around the player, mainly about the main character with bipolar disorder, who explores the abstract world of red and black mental images to find an exit.

Puzzle Levels: The level process is a metaphor for the condition \”bipolar disorder\”. The main components of the scene, red and black, fade into the background of the same color, just as people wrapped in extreme emotions often fail to perceive the whole picture. The red and black worlds in the game refer to the \”manic\” and \”depressive\” mood poles of bipolar disorder, and the characters are in a world divided by two levels of emotions.

How to Play: In the level, players manipulate the main character to move left and right, jump, press the switch, jump to change the background color. Players switch back and forth in the red and black dual-phase mental image world, and interact with the scene components with different states of passage in the two colors of the background, when the scene components and the background color is the same, the components are in non-interactive state; when the scene components and the background color is opposite, the components are interactive state. Players gradually explore the path to the end in the switching of red and black.

Follow us at:

Facebook: @BiphaseGame

Twitter: @BiphaseG

Instagram: @biphasegame

Special thanks to: DBSA(Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance)

Biphase Game screenshot :





Biphase (144.8MB)

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