Download Made – Story Editor & Collage mod apk v1.2.11 for Android

Download Made – Story Editor & Collage mod apk v1.2.11 for Android


Name Made – Story Editor & Collage
Category Photography
Size 25.1MB
Popularity 1948
Publisher Instasize
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/07/2022
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Mod Info:

Made – Story Editor & Collage Premium Unlocked

Made – Story Editor & Collage Game Introduction :

Everybody has good memories that they will never forget. They often find ways to preserve these memories through photography or video. Every time they look back, it helps them to recall beautiful moments. In the process of scientific and technological development, photography is no longer as difficult as in previous centuries. With a smartphone or camera, you can get the images you want. But sometimes the photo effects are not what you expected. Therefore, other photo editing software was created. If you are looking for a different photo-editing application, Made – Story Editor & Collage is a great choice.Made – Story Editor & Collage is a free photo editing app available on Google Play. With this app, you can edit your photos with personal style. With various functions, users can satisfy their creativity and think of interesting content. So the same application, but hundreds of thousands of beautiful photos are created.Because it is a photo editing application, it does not require too much in terms of configuration. With an average configuration, you can immediately own this application and enrich your photo library. Besides, all user questions and feedback are of concern to producers. So don’t hesitate to respond to the app’s positive or inconvenient points so they can edit the app. As such, the application will be able to ensure user experience gradually.Technology is always something of development, and publishers are always trying to find new things for their applications. The new versions always have positive new features. With the launch of Android 11 on the occasion of last September, producers of this application are also catching the trend. With the latest version, the application has supported this new operating system and still kept its stability.For Made – Story Editor & Collage, you can explore dozens of different templates. It will take time to see the right templates for your photos. But once you get used to the application, you can quickly find yourself a suitable template. Gradually, your creativity with many different images will increase.For each person, the photos are always stories and keep unforgettable memories for them. But sometimes, with an image, there will be many different interpretations. If you want other people to understand your story, should you add some words that suggest the photo’s subject? Writing sometimes not only brings the story to life but also makes your photos look more professional. With over 16 varieties, you can choose from them for each different story.Already a photo editing application, we should mention the photo-filter. With this function, you can make the effects of the photo you are editing even more beautiful. This feature will sometimes compensate for the fact that you are not good at photography. It makes it possible to adjust your photos’ effects to come alive and pleasing to your eyes.Made – Story Editor & Collage is really one of the photo editing software you should try to experience. Besides the above functions, there are still other functions waiting for you to explore. Editing a photo is not a waste of time; it’s about making your memories more beautiful. Made – Story Editor & Collage is sure to make your story alive!

Made – Story Editor & Collage Game screenshot :

Made - Story Editor & Collage
Made - Story Editor & Collage
Made - Story Editor & Collage
Made - Story Editor & Collage
Made - Story Editor & Collage

Made – Story Editor & Collage (25.1MB)

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