Download Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) v0.3 for Android

Download Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) v0.3 for Android


Name Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD)
Category Simulation
Size 79.5MB
Popularity 7283
Publisher Mighty Game Studio
Score 6.0
Publish Date 27/12/2021
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Mod Info:

Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) Large amount of currency
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Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) Game Introduction :

Play power wash game with satisfying experience. Car washers and clean up dirty objects in washing simulator. Prepare for deep clean with ultimate car wash ?, house wash, van wash, airplane wash ?, ship wash, junkyard wash and more. Remove years old filth in our power wash simulator. Start your clean up business in this job simulator.

PressureWash Sim ?

Graffiti, grime, moss, mould and no dirt are tough for your washers pick up the right pressure gun set the desired nozzle on it and start cleaning the filthy objects. Wash away your worries ? with high pressure water and soothing sounds in relaxing games. Get the best powerwasher from your inventory and clean the dirty saktepark in new simulation games 2022. Pick up pressure water jet and clean up the washhouse ? in water games. Learn how to get rid of rust on a car, wash and wax, breach and clean, carpet cleaning, office cleaning and liquid simulation.

Powerwasher for car makeover ?

Powerwasher guns are your tools for car makeovers, washing bike, airplane wash, ship wash ⛴ and pressure n\’clean. Set the desired nozzle and optimal water pressure use universal cleaner to clean up 3d cars. Makeover unique vehicles in our vehicle washing games ?. No matter which vehicle you bring our automobile cleaning games will wash it all every grime of dirt.

Clean up and washing business

Fire up your power washer ? and blast away every speck of dirt and grime you can find. Build your own power washing business and unlock new tools and upgrades. There\’s no time pressure, just you and the tools you need to soak away your stress. Want a clean start? Chill out and replay your favourite jobs in new free games. Expand your car wash empire and become power dealer for more wash and wax. Washing bike has never been so so satisfying.

Relaxation and Satisfaction in new free games ?

Absorb the relaxing atmosphere and stress free pace as you strip dirt from patios, pavements, vehicles and public parks. Kick off the washer relax, asmr clean and wash your worries down the drain. Create art by cleaning the way you want to wash me clean. Release the water pressure with soothing sounds and make washing even more stress relfie games 2022.


✧ Do hosing on objects with pressure washer jet ?

✧ Use detergent and universal cleaning liquid for rust.

✧ Start your own washing company and earn profits.

✧ Wash me clean dust in car wash garage for automobile cleaning.

✧ Provide your clients with best cleaning services ?.

✧ Everything with the simple satisfaction and stress relief ? hosing.

✧ Washing bike and wet cleaning for power watch.

If you are a fan and want to play satisfying games, relaxing games, stress relief games, business games ?, company games and start your own car wash garage games then play our power washing simulator to enjoy all the fun.

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Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) Game screenshot :

Power Wash - Cleaning Simulator(MOD)

Power Wash - Cleaning Simulator(MOD)

Power Wash - Cleaning Simulator(MOD)

Power Wash - Cleaning Simulator(MOD)

Power Wash – Cleaning Simulator(MOD) (79.5MB)

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