Download Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev MOD APK v1.3.0 [] for Android

Download Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev MOD APK v1.3.0 [] for Android


Name Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev
Category Puzzle
Size 6.9MB
Popularity 4420
Publisher Nihon System Developer Corp.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 03/06/2022
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Mod Info:

Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev

Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev Game Introduction :

How to play
*Learning mode
Puzzle game to complete the four character idiomatic compounds.
Please tap the Kanji characters to be in the order of the correct idioms.
When you tap the four th character, in the case of the correct answer will be displayed ○. Character of the incorrect answer will be displayed X.
Please tap the [next] button when you move on to the next problem.
The next level will now serving With 30 questions all the correct answers.
Level There are 32 types.
Higher level number is large, it becomes the idioms of the difficult kanji total number of strokes increases.
Level of the even number does not appear kana reading.
You can try to remove it and tap the upper part of Kanji characters that have been selected and displayed.

*Time Attack mode
And measure the time until the correct answer 30 questions.
In the case of all the questions correct, you can record the time.
If you make a mistake it is immediately terminated. Time will not be recorded.

Q. Can the sound of silence?
A. Please adjust at the top of the screen volume.

Q. Is it possible to stop the vibration ?
A. Yes, I can be changed in the options.

Q. Does not vibration.
A. Perhaps there is no vibration feature of the model of available. For example ASUS NEXUS7.

Q. Can I cancel the selected Kanji characters?
A. You can delete and tap the Kanji characters, but clogging character to the left.

Q. I have selected the correct order, but you would be incorrect.
A. There is a synonym of rarely difference order, but I am the one correct answer in our sole discretion. Please see better read pseudonym.

Sousyo4KanjiTest byNSDev Game screenshot :